Table 1.

A. baumannii strains used

StrainColistin MIC (μg/ml)aColistin susceptibilitybPulsed-field profileSource (country, year, type of infection)cParent straindpmrB genotype
Ab14/1444ROXA-24 European clone IIUK, 2008, wound infectionN/AMet145Lys
Ab80416RUniqueSaudi Arabia, 2009, blood infectionN/APro233Ser
Ab15/13232RStrain ac-1UK, 2009, respiratory infectionSame clone as Ab15/133Leu87Phe
Ab10/30128RNW strainUK, 2006, blood infectionN/ASer14Leu
Ab20862832RUniqueSpain, 2009 (47)N/APhe387Tyr Ser403Phe
Ab15/1331SStrain ac-1UK, 2009, respiratory infectionSame clone as Ab15/132Wild type
Ab1/1371SOXA 23 clone 1UK, 2009, colonizationN/AWild type
Ab15/880.5SUniqueUK, 2009, wound infectionN/AWild type
Ab15/240.5SStrain 00AC-2UK, 2008, colonizationN/AWild type
Ab15/1200.5SUniqueUK, 2009, urinary infectionN/AWild type
ATCC 19606 ColS1SUnique2009 (12)N/AWild type
ATCC 19606 ColR32R2009 (12)ATCC 19606Ala227Val
ATCC 19606 ColS ΔpmrB0.125SThis studyATCC 19606 ColSΔpmrB
ATCC 19606 ColR ΔpmrB0.125SThis studyATCC 19606 ColRΔpmrB
ABRIM ColS0.5SUniqueSpain, 2000 (9)N/AWild type
ABRIM ColR16RThis studyABRIMAsn353Tyr
  • a MICs were obtained by the agar dilution method and by Etest.

  • b R, resistant; S, susceptible.

  • c UK, United Kingdom.

  • d N/A, not applicable.