Table 2.

Population PK model-fitted parametersa

CategoryParameter (units)Model-fitted resultBootstrap resultc
No. of subjectsEstimate% SE% IIVMedian10th percentile90th percentile
CMSV1 (liters)10511.53210293.9113
V2 (liters)10518.79.07999.485.6124
CLD1 (liters/h)1057.98128497.077.8117
Random effectsCLRSLOPE (liters/h/CrCL)890.06138.87099.588.1113
CLNRCMS (liters/h)1051.905.63610193.6111
ColistinV3/fm (liters)10545.16.14810290.1116
CLTC/fm (liters/h)1052.722310092.0110
Fixed effectsCLRCSL_POP/fm (liters/h/CrCL)890.01472810268.0142
CLNRC/fm (liters/h)1052.195.899.192.7107
V1POP (liters/60 kg)10511.95.110394.1113
Renal replacementbCLHDCMS (liters/h)165.694496
CLHDC (liters/h)163.403.115
CLRRTCMS (liters/h)43.851224
CLRRTC (liters/h)42.061837
Error varianceSDSLOPE_CMS1050.1834.898.387.4111
SDINTERCEPT105Fixed at LOQFixed at LOQFixed at LOQ
  • a Estimates refer to the geometric mean of the estimates in the population. This may refer to the entire 105 subjects, 89 subjects not on any renal replacement, 16 subjects on some form of renal replacement, or 4 subjects on CRRT and is specified by the “No. of subjects” column. % SE refers to the standard error or the precision of the estimates, while % IIV refers to the interindividual variability in the population. LOQ refers to the limit of quantification.

  • b For the two RRT groups, the geometric mean, % SE, and % IIV are based on summary statistics of the post hoc estimates in the indicated population.

  • c Bootstrap results are expressed as a % of the model-fitted estimates.