Table 4.

Pharmacodynamic activity predicted by applying AUC0-24 valuesa for each of 105 critically ill patients together with PD parameters from 3 isolates of A. baumannii and 3 isolates of P. aeruginosa in murine thigh and lung infection modelsb

Study (reference)StrainMIC (mg/liter)% of cases corresponding to predicted magnitude of effectc
< stasisStasis to 1 log kill1 log kill to 2 log kill>2 log kill
P. aeruginosa murine thigh infection (12)190560.513.322.941.022.9
ATCC 27853195.
P. aeruginosa murine lung infection (12)190560.
ATCC 27853124.862.99.52.9
A. baumannii murine thigh infection (13)248-01-C.248112.468.616.22.9
ATCC 1960610.021.975.22.9
A. baumannii murine lung infection (13)248-01-C.248118.162.916.22.9
ATCC 1960610.
  • a AUC0-24 values are from algorithm-predicted maintenance doses targeting a colistin Css,avg of 2.5 mg/liter.

  • b Unpublished PD parameter estimates referenced to the total plasma colistin concentration from references 12 and 13.

  • c Percentage of cases (105 patients) corresponding to various predicted effects relative to the respective baseline inocula.