Table 4.

Staphylococcus species resistant to linezolid (MIC, ≥8 μg/ml) in the 2009 LEADER Program

IsolateOrganismCity and stateAge (yr)/sexaLinezolid MIC (μg/ml)bResistance mechanism(s)
004-272CS. aureusAkron, OH52/M16cfr
444-2031LS. aureusPalo Alto, CA14/F16G2576T
424-2265LS. aureusHartford, CT68/M8L3 (S145 deletion)
027-1687AS. aureusLouisville, KY53/M16cfr
427-99LS. aureusWichita, KS17/M16G2576T
004-3417AS. epidermidisAkron, OH89/M128G2576T
412-2466LS. epidermidisMemphis, TN71/M8L3 (V154L, L101V, A157R), L4 (P171S)
426-2174LS. epidermidisTempe, AZ55/M128cfr
426-2179LS. epidermidisTempe, AZ73/F32G2576T
107-7715AS. epidermidisLexington, KY40/M16L3 (A157R, L101V, V154L), L4 (N158S)
443-2409LS. epidermidisSt. Paul, MN84/M32G2576T
003-4596AS. epidermidisDetroit, MI64/F16L3 (H146Q), L4 (N158S)
003-4593AS. capitisDetroit, MI74/F8cfr
441-1590LS. epidermidisBoston, MA59/M16L3 (H146Q), L4 (N158S)
129-25AS. epidermidisNew Brunswick, NJ71/M128G2576T
051-2286AS. epidermidisSalt Lake City, UT55/F128G2576T
116-13800AS. epidermidisHouston, TX24/M128G2576T
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b MIC from a reference frozen-form panel with a linezolid MIC range to 128 μg/ml.