Table 5.

E. faecium isolates resistant to linezolid (MIC, ≥8 μg/ml) in the 2009 LEADER Programa

IsolateCity and stateAge (yr)/sexbLinezolid MIC (μg/ml)c
027-6948ALouisville, KY29/M32
027-5561ALouisville, KY31/M16
027-870ALouisville, KY39/M8
027-1686ALouisville, KY39/M8
427-414LWichita, KS56/M16
030-2539ACharlottesville, VA6/M8
051-6128ASalt Lake City, UT19/M16
021-939DSeattle, WA53/F8
  • a For all isolates listed, the resistance mechanism was G2576T and the PFGE pattern was EFM27B1.

  • b M, male; F, female.

  • c MIC from a reference frozen-form panel with a linezolid MIC range to 128 μg/ml.