Table 5

Differential gene expression between DS and DR strainsa

ORFGeneProduct or putative functionFold change
SA0616_N315vraFABC transporter ATP-binding protein+3.8
SA0617_N315vraGABC transporter permease+4.3
SA2312_N315ddh2-Hydroxyacid dehydrogenase+3.1
SA2254_N315opp-1BOligopeptide transporter putative membrane permease domain+3.5
SA1211_N315opp-2FOligopeptide transporter putative ATPase domain+3.5
SA0038_N315mecAPBP 2a+4.2
SA1283_N315pbp2PBP 2+4.5
SA1691_N315sgtBElongation of peptidoglycan synthesis+3.2
SA1023_N315ftsLCell division protein+4.4
SA1700_N315vraRTwo-component response regulator+5.5
SA1701_N315vraSTwo-component sensor histidine kinase+4.7
SA0661_N315saeRResponse regulator+3.1
SA0760_N315Glycine cleavage system protein H+4.1
SA1458_N315lytHN-Acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase+3.8
SA0149_N315capFCapsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme Cap5F+2.8
SACOL2509fnbBFibronectin binding protein−3.3
SA0747_N315cspCCold shock protein−4.3
SAR2790cspBCold shock protein−3.8
SA1141_N315glpKGlycerol kinase−3.5
SA1140_N315glpFGlycerol uptake facilitator−4.6
SA1126_N315pgsAPhosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase−2.6
SA1272_N315Alanine dehydrogenase−4.5
SA1365-N315Glycine dehydrogenase subunit 2−3.2
SA1047-N315pryFOrotidine-5-phospate decarboxylase−3.1
SA2425_N315arcCCarbamate kinase−4.2
SA0253_N315lrgBAntiholin-like protein LrgB−4.8
SA2499_N315gidBGlucose-inhibited division protein B−2.7
  • a Analysis of strain pairs A (CB5011 [DS] versus CB5012 [DR]), E (CB5035 [DS] versus CB5036 [DR]), and F (CB182 [DS] versus CB183 [DR]); analysis of each pair was performed in triplicate. The data were normalized by applying the LOWESS algorithm (block mode; smooth parameter, 0.33) and using MIDAS software (, and significant changes were identified with SAM software. Values are averages of the three pairs analyzed.