Table 1

Free (non-serum-protein-bound) pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic values generated with the fractionated NXL104 regimensa

RegimenFree time-above MIC (mg/liter)Free Cmax (mg · h/liter)Free 24-h AUC (h/%)
Ceftaroline, 600 mg, q8h22.32660/0
Ceftaroline in combination with NXL104 (free 24-h AUC of 192 mg · h/liter) administered as:
    Total daily dose q24h46.51929.6/40
    One-half the total daily dose q12h24.019214.8/62
    One-third the total daily dose q8h17.719219.2/80
    Continuous infusion8.019224.0/100
  • a For K. pneumoniae 27-908M, the MIC for ceftaroline monotherapy was 1,048 mg/liter. The MICs of ceftaroline in combination with NXL104 were 0.75 mg/liter for CPT and 4 mg/liter for NXL104 (all NXL104 concentrations were fixed at 4 mg/liter). For the combination therapies, time ≥ MICs were calculated for the duration (hours and percentage of 24 h) in which the concentration of ceftaroline was ≥0.75 mg/liter and the concentration of NXL104 was ≥4 mg/liter.