Table 1

Parameters from the population pharmacokinetic analysis

Ka (h−1)9.773.8510.30
Vmax (mg/h)37.6737.3811.19
Km (mg/liter)
Vol (liter)149.1176.65173.49
Kcp (h−1)2.010.443.33
Kpc (h−1)9.352.1411.68
Lag (h)1.120.770.99
  • a Ka is the first-order rate constant that connects the gut with the central compartment, Vmax is the maximum rate of enzyme activity of voriconazole, Km is the concentration of voriconazole where clearance is half maximal, Kcp and Kpc are the first-order intercompartmental rate constants connecting the central and peripheral compartments, F is the bioavailability, and Lag is the absorption time.