Table 1

Details of the infants in the triala

InfantSexbMode of deliveryFeeding methodDuration of antibiotic treatment (days)
AMCaesarean sectionBreastfed9
BMCaesarean sectionBreastfed and formula fed5
CMCaesarean sectionBreastfed2
DMVaginal deliveryFormula fed2
EFCaesarean sectionFormula fed5
FFVaginal deliveryBreastfed2
GFVaginal deliveryBreastfed2
HMCaesarean sectionFormula fed2
IMVaginal deliveryFormula fed2
JMVaginal deliveryFormula fed
KMVaginal deliveryFormula fed
LFVaginal deliveryFormula fed
MFVaginal deliveryFormula fed
NMVaginal deliveryBreastfed
OFVaginal deliveryBreastfed
PMVaginal deliveryBreastfed
QMVaginal deliveryFormula fed
RFVaginal deliveryFormula fed
  • a The table was adapted from reference 35.

  • b M, male; F, female.