Table 3

Comparison of the number of acylations for sequential or competition reactions of Eis with different acyl-CoAs and AGs

AGNo. of acylations/propionylationsa for indicated reaction
Acetylbn-PropionylPro → AccAc + Prod
AMKTriDiMono-Ac-di-ProDi-Ac tri-Ac
HYGDiMonoMono-ProMono-Ac mono-Ac-mono-Pro
NEATriDiMono-Ac-di-ProTri-Ac di-Ac-mono-Pro
NEOTriTriTri-ProTri-Ac tri-Pro
NETDiMonoMono-ProMono-Ac di-Ac
SISTriMonoMono-ProMono-Ac di-Ac mono-Ac-mono-Pro
TOBTetraDiMono-Ac-di-Pro di-Ac-di-ProDi-Ac tri-Ac tetra-Ac
  • a Mono, Di, Tri, and Tetra indicate single, double, triple, and quadruple modifications, respectively.

  • b Data are from reference 10.

  • c ProCoA reactions were followed by incubation with AcCoA.

  • d AcCoA and ProCoA were incubated with Eis and AG in a 1:1 ratio.