Table 1

Groups of patient based on the number(s) of P. aeruginosa isolates with divergent SMX-TMP MICs

Patient groupaNo. (%) of patients withb:
Coexisting isolates exhibiting S/I/R SMX-TMP MICs (0.002–32 μg/ml)Isolate(s) exhibiting S/I SMX-TMP MICs (≤3 μg/ml)Isolate(s) exhibiting R SMX-TMP MICs only (≥4 μg/ml)
Two or more isolates (n = 76)43 (57)21 (28)12 (16)
Single isolate (n = 27)NA15 (56)12 (44)
All patients (n = 103)43 (42)36 (35)24 (23)
  • a Patients are grouped based on cultures of their respiratory secretions and the number of P. aeruginosa isolates obtained in 2007 with divergent SMX-TMP MICs using CLSI M100-S6 breakpoints.

  • b S, susceptible, I, intermediate; R, resistant; NA, not applicable .