Table 2

Characteristics of the 27 clinical P. aeruginosa strains isolated from cultures in 2007a

IsolateMuc/pigbMIC (μg/ml)Amino acid auxotrophyGrowth complementation by other P. aeruginosa strainsSequencing resultc
PA14 (mexR)N/g>32>1,024PrototrophNAmexR
PA14 (mexA)N/g0.1906PrototrophNAmexA
PA14 (oprM)N/g0.2506PrototrophNA
PA14 (mexZ)N/g>32>1,024PrototrophNAmexZ
PA-A1N/n0.7516Lys, metA3, B1, B3, B4, C6WTΔ18 bp near 3′ endmNSSmΔ12 bp near 3′ end
PA-A2N/g0.253ArgA3, B4, C6ΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-A4dN/g0.512ArgA3, B4, C6ΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-A5dM/n0.3812Lys, metC6, PAmucQCΔG near 5′ endHetero: SS & NSSHetero: SS & NSSmmm
PA-A6dN/g>32>1,024ArgAll prototrophsΔG & Δ10 bpWTmmmm
PA-A7dN/n>32>1,024ArgAll prototrophsΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-A8N/n0.53UnknownA3, B1, B3, B4, C6WTWTmmmm
PA-A9dN/g>32>1,024ArgAll prototrophsΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-A10N/n0.512ArgAll prototrophsΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-A11M/n0.516ArgAll prototrophsΔG near 5′ endWTmmmm
PA-B4N/n4512PrototrophNAWTΔ7 bp near 5′ endmmmm
PA-B5N/n112Ile, valA3, B4WTΔ7 bp near 5′ endmmmΔ12 bp near 5′ end
PA-B6N/n364Ala, trpA3, B4WTWTmmmm
PA-B8N/n0.7532Ile, leu, valA3, B4WTΔ7 bp near 5′ endHetero: SS & NSS, bp+mmΔ12 bp near 5′ end
PA-C1M/n0.75016MetAll prototrophsWTWTm6 bp+ & NSSWTm
PA-C2N/n>32>1,024ArgC6, A3, B1, B4WTWTmmΔT near 5′ endm
PA-C3M/n2.00032MetAll prototrophsWTWTmmWTm
PA-C4N/n>32>1,024ArgC6, A3, B1, B4WTWTmmΔT near 5′ endm
PA-C5M/n1.50048MetAll prototrophsWTWTmmWTm
PA-C6dN/n>32>1,024PrototrophdNAWTWTmmΔT near 5′ endm
PA-C7N/n0.38032Arg, leuC6, B4WTWTmmΔT near 5′ endm
  • a Summary of the SMX-TMP and SX MICs, growth properties, nutritional requirements, and sequencing results of efflux and DNA mismatch repair genes of the strains.

  • b Muc/pig, bacterial growth on agar media exhibiting mucoid (Muc) or pigmented (pig) colonies; M, mucoid; N, nonmucoid; g, green pigment; n, no pigment.

  • c WT, wild type, discounting any synonymous point mutation that resulted in no amino acid change; NA, not applicable; SS, a synonymous mutation due to a nucleotide mutation that resulted in no amino acid substitution; NSS, a nonsynonymous mutation due to a nucleotide mutation that resulted in amino acid substitution; Δ bp, deletion of indicated number of base pair(s); ΔT or ΔG, deletion of indicated nucleotide; bp+, base pair insertion; m, PCR-amplified materials that were mixed or heterogeneous; Hetero, cloned sequences show heterogeneity.

  • d Isolate shows show nonhomogeneous colonies under ×60 stereoscope.