Table 1

In vitro activities of echinocandins against C. glabrata study isolates

C. glabrata strain and isolate no.MIC (mg/liter)fks hot spot mutationIn vivo fitnessa
Wild-type isolates
    CG 55920.
    CG 5130.
    CG 336090.
    CG 323900.
    CG 353150.
    CG 53760.
    CG 343410.
    CG 5700.030.13NAb2.45
Mutant fks-1 or fks-2 isolates
    CG 47470.0610.25Fks2_HS1_L646R1.97
    CG 4720484Fks2_HS1_S645P2.46
    CG 10956120.25Fks2_HS1_F659V1.01
    CG 7294168Fks2_HS1_S663P2.24
    CG 14378242Fks1_HS1_S629P3.17
    CG 211110.25Fks2_HS1_S663P3.11
    CG 760110.25Fks2_HS1_S663F3.22
    CG 20920.510.13Fks1_HS1_L630I2.90
    CG 47420.2510.5Fks2_HS1_L632R1.92
    CG 3361610.250.252.33
    CG 3766120.250.252.00
  • a Growth in control animals over 96 h (log10 CFU/kidney).

  • b NA, not available.