Table 1

Number of isolates of each species recovered within the study period, extended-spectrum cephalosporin resistance, and number of resistant isolates that were further studied

SpeciesNo. of isolatesNo. (%) of ESCa-resistant isolatesESC-resistant isolates recovered within 1 wk
No. of isolatesNo. of ESBL producers/AmpC producers
Escherichia coli1,12064 (5.7)1614/2
Klebsiella pneumoniae19387 (45.1)2222/0
Proteus mirabilis11514 (12.2)65/1
Enterobacter cloacae3711 (29.7)31/2
Morganella morganii2911 (37.9)
Klebsiella oxytoca206 (30)44/0
Citrobacter freundii185 (27.8)
Serratia spp.185 (27.8)33/0
Providencia spp.132 (15.4)11/0
Citrobacter spp.8
Proteus vulgaris72 (28.6)
Enterobacter aerogenes3
Salmonella sp.2
Shigella spp.2
Proteus penneri1
Total1,586207 (13.1)5550/5
  • a ESC, extended-spectrum cephalosporin.