Table 2

Bivariate Box-Jenkins transfer function models used to estimate time series having impact on CDAD incidencea

Time seriesCDAD incidence
OrderbParameter value (SE)P value
Influenza virus00.06408 (0.02694)0.0174
RSV10.05176 (0.01932)0.0074
Fluoroquinolones10.000622 (0.000194)0.0014
Macrolides10.000310 (0.000067)<0.0001
Levofloxacin20.0048905 (0.0009544)<0.0001
Gatifloxacin-moxifloxacinc10.0012259 (0.0003124)<0.0001
Erythromycin20.00930 (0.0045)0.0402
Clarithromycin10.0003645 (0.00008389)<0.0001
Azithromycin10.00216 (0.00041)<0.0001
  • a Reported parameters for influenza virus, RSV, and antibiotics describe the transfer functions.

  • b Delay in months before the effect is observed.

  • c Data for the two drugs were merged because of discontinuation of gatifloxacin.