Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients who carried non-Acinetobacter baumannii species harboring blaOXA-51-like genesa

Case no.HospitalWard/daybAge (yr)/sexAPACHE II scoreUnderlying diseasesInvasive devicesSource/infectioncConcomitant isolatedTreatment/appropriate antimicrobial therapyeOutcome
1TVGHNSCU/1177/M22Traumatic ICH, SDH, SAHTracheostomy, CVC, Foley, ventilatorBlood/IPseudomonas aeruginosaTicarcillin/clavulanate for 18 days/noSurvived
2TVGHRCU/2575/F21COPD, DM, hypertension, recent CVATracheostomy, CVC, Foley, ventilatorBlood/INoneCefmetazole for 2 days, piperacillin-tazobactam for 3 days, and imipenem for 13 days/noSurvived
3TVGHICUB/721/M19Pulmonary contusion with pulmonary hemorrhage and hemothoraxSwan-Ganz catheter, CVC, chest tube, ventilatorBlood/INoneCiprofloxacin for 14 days/yesSurvived
4TVGHCCU/1487/M18Recent myocardial infarctionNoneBlood/INoneFlomoxef plus netilmycin for 9 days/noSurvived
5TVGHICUA/724/F13Systemic lupus erythematosusArterial line, CVC, Foley, ventilatorSputum/CPneumocystis jirovecii—/—fDied of other causes
6TVGHICUA/1381/F28Parkinson's disease, DM, hypertensionArterial line, CVC, Foley, ventilatorSputum/IStenotrophomonas maltophiliaPiperacillin-tazobactam for 21 days/noDied of other causes
7TVGHICUC/569/M39Multiple myeloma, old CVAArterial line, CVC, Foley, ventilatorSputum/INoneImipenem for 14 days/noDied of infection
9TVGHCCU/2680/F33Congestive heart failure, asthma, DM, hypertensionArterial line, CVC, Foley, ventilator, HD via FVCBlood/INoneLevofloxacin for 10 days/yesDied of other causes
10TVGHER62/M11Lung cancer, chemotherapyNoneBlood/IChryseobacterium meningosepticumCefoperazone plus sulbactam for 5 days/noSurvived
  • a Abbreviations: TVGH, Taipei Veterans General Hospital; NTUH, National Taiwan University Hospital; NSCU, neurosurgical care unit; RCU, respiratory care unit; ICU, intensive care unit; CCU, cardiac care unit; NA, data not available; ER, emergency room; ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage; SDH, subdural hemorrhage; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DM, diabetes mellitus; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; CVC, central venous catheter; HD, hemodialysis; FVC, femoral vein catheter; Foley, Foley catheter; I, infection; C, colonization.

  • b Ward at which the patient resided and days of admission when the first isolate of non-A. baumannii species harboring blaOXA-51-like genes was collected.

  • c Infection (I) or colonization (C).

  • d Organisms isolated or identified from the same site and at the same time with non-A. baumannii species.

  • e Appropriate antimicrobial therapy was defined as therapy with at least one antimicrobial agents that had in vitro activity against the causative pathogen and administrated within 48 h after the acquisition of index clinical sample for culture.

  • f —/—, since the patient was colonized with non-A. baumannii species, antimicrobial therapy for acinetobacters was not warranted.