Table 2

Characteristics of non-Acinetobacter baumannii species harboring blaOXA-51-like genesa

IsolateDate of isolationARDRA profilesIdentification by ARDRAMLSTbPulsotypePlasmid patternblaOXA-51-like alleleAmino acid at positionc:Other carbapenemase genedMIC,e μg/ml
1059Nov. 200431113“Close to 13TU”AIblaOXA-138TVNone32646412864221
1075Jan. 200521111A. nosocomialisBIIIblaOXA-194FVblaOXA-58323284>128840.75
1104Mar. 200531113“Close to 13TU”AIblaOXA-195FVSMNone16646412864221.5
2311Nov. 200631113“Close to 13TU”ST90AIIblaOXA-194FVNone326464128128421.5
1890July 200731113“Close to 13TU”AIIblaOXA-194FVNone641664128>128823
1892Aug. 200731113“Close to 13TU”AIIblaOXA-196QHVNone646464128>128823
1897Aug. 200731113“Close to 13TU”AIIblaOXA-197FVANone326464128>128823
2019Aug. 200721113A. nosocomialisST74CIVblaOXA-194FVNone86484>1281610.25
1522Dec. 200731113“Close to 13TU”AIblaOXA-82VNone326432128>128121
1704Dec. 200721113A. nosocomialisST74BIIIblaOXA-138TVblaOXA-58326484>1283210.38
  • a Abbreviations: ARDRA, amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis; A. nosocomialis, Acinetobacter nosocomialis; MLST, multilocus sequence typing; IPM, imipenem; MEM, meropenem; CAZ, ceftazidime; CFP, cefepime; TZP, piperacillin-tazobactam; SUL, sulbactam; COL, colistin; TGC, tigecycline.

  • b The sequences of the STs are available at

  • c The reference amino acids and their positions are from blaOXA-66.

  • d Including blaOXA-58-like, blaOXA-24-like, blaOXA-23-like, blaOXA-143-like, blaIMP-like, blaVIM-like, blaSIM-like, blaGIM-like and blaSPM-like.

  • e In vitro testing of susceptibilities to imipenem and meropenem was done using Etest (AB BIODISK, Solna, Sweden). In vitro testing of susceptibilities to other antibiotics was done using agar dilution methods. The results were interpreted according to the recommendations made by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (5) or the Food and Drug Administration (for TGC, breakpoints used for the Enterobacteriaceae).