Table 1

MICs of azole compounds for isolates used in the study

Strain [amino acid substitution(s)]MIC (μg/ml)a
MRL862 (P6S, C45G, Q50L, Y145F, S460T)128>25620.0940.125
TES12 (P6S, C45G, Q50L, Y145F, S460T)128>25630.380.25
TES9 (Y145F)128>25620.380.25
TES10 (P6S, C45G, Q50L, S460T)8120.190.750.5
  • a Triazole MICs of each strain were consistent between three independent tests.

  • b MICs determined by microdilution method.

  • c MICs determined by Etest.