Table 2

Open reading frames present in pMR0211 but absent from pAR060302 and pNDM-HK

pMR0211 locusFunctionaPositionDirectionb
0100Transposase, insB4113534114250+
0101Integrase, intI1114284114679
0102Chloramphenicol resistance gene, cmlA7116271117578+
0103Beta-lactamase OXA-10 precursor, blaOXA-10117843118643+
0104Aminoglycoside-modifying enzyme, aadA118660119451+
01243′-Aminoglycoside phosphotransferase type VI, aac(6′)141819142598
0125Transposase, insB142704143444
0126Transposase IS3/IS911 family143531143848
0127Transposase, iscR1145261146802
0128Protein of unknown function, DUF1696147246147620
0129U32 family peptidase (related to collagenase prtC)147631148410
0130No known homology148420149265+
0131No known homology149954150109
0132Quinolone resistance gene, qnrA1151427152083
0133Transposase, iscR1152482154023
0134Sulfonamide resistance gene, sul1154428155354
0135Aminoglycoside-modifying enzyme, aadA155777156571
0136Transposase, insB3157351158067
  • a Functional categories were assigned as described in Results.

  • b Gene orientation is relative to that of the repA sequence: +, 5′ to 3′; −, 3′ to 5′.