Table 2

Resistance and single nucleotide polymorphism profiles of SQ109 cross-resistant mutants

M. tuberculosis H37Rv isolateaFold resistancebGene mutationc
WT111111Not applicable
5_1>4ND4111mmpL3 G2098A/A700Td
5_24ND2NDNDNDmmpL3 G2098A/A700Td
8_148–102–8111mmpL3 T1700C/L567Pd
8_2ND8–102–4NDNDNDmmpL3 A119G/Q40Rd and T2055375Ce
8_348–102–4NDNDNDmmpL3 A119G/Q40Rd and T2055375Ce
  • a The wild-type strain (WT) was used to isolate spontaneous mutants resistant to DA5 and DA8, which were used to check for cross-resistance to SQ109.

  • b Fold increase in MIC compared to that of the WT strain. ND, not done.

  • c Mutations for 5_1, 8_1, and 8_3 were identified by whole-genome sequencing. The gene and the specific amino acid change are indicated. Mutations for 5_2 and 8_2 were confirmed by sequencing of mmpL3.

  • d Nucleotide number, based on the sequence of the mmpL3 open reading frame where the first nucleotide of the start codon was assigned as nucleotide number 1, and amino acid number, based on the sequence of mmpL3.

  • e Nucleotide number, based on the complete genome sequence of M. tuberculosis H37Rv; the mutation lies in the intergenic region between Rv1812c and Rv1813c.