Table 5

Post hoc parameter estimates of the final model describing dihydroartemisinin population pharmacokinetics in pregnant and nonpregnant women with uncomplicated malariaa

GroupCL/F (liters/h/kg)V/F (liters/kg)t1/2 (h)Tmax (h)Cmax (ng/ml)AUC0-24 (ng · h/ml)
Total2.09 (1.59–2.84)3.15 (2.61–4.75)1.10 (1.04–1.21)1.09 (0.857–1.36)464 (300–592)1,070 (727–1,330)
Pregnant2.32 (2.00–4.03)3.59 (3.04–6.62)1.06 (1.02–1.21)0.965 (0.813–1.30)391 (241–545)956 (559–1,110)
Nonpregnant1.72 (1.38–2.27)3.03 (2.17–3.48)1.16 (1.07–1.21)1.24 (0.920–1.41)500 (399–715)1,210 (1,030–1,530)
    P value0.0010.0080.2050.0930.0270.001
  • a Data are for 24 pregnant and 24 nonpregnant women. Post hoc estimates were calculated as median values (interquartile ranges) from empirical Bayes estimates, and statistical differences were estimated with a nonparametric Mann-Whitney test. CL, elimination clearance; F, oral bioavailability; V, volume of distribution; t1/2, terminal elimination half-life; Tmax, predicted time to peak concentration; Cmax, predicted peak concentration; AUC0-24, area under the concentration-time curve from time point 0 to 24 h.