Table 1

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
M. tuberculosis H37RvVirulent strain of M. tuberculosisATCC
ATCC 27294
    pAZI0290Derived from pGOAL19 (15) by deleting the lacZ gene as a BamHI-BamHI fragmentLaboratory stock
    pBAN0366Truncated Rv1218c cloned into pAZI02906
    pBAN0448Truncated Rv1258c cloned into pAZI0290This study
    pBAN0447Truncated Rv0849 cloned into pAZI0290This study
    pBAN0449Truncated Rv3065 cloned into pAZI0290This study
    pMV261Mycobacterial expression vector35
    pBAN0192pMV261 vector with the intact Rv1218c6
    pBAN193pMV261 vector with the intact Rv0849This study
    pPAZ11Plasmid pSUM36 with intact Rv1258c insert10
    pMD31Cloning vector11
    pMtb312pMD31 containing the intact Rv3065 gene11
KO1M. tuberculosis H37Rv with inactivated Rv1258cThis study
KO1(pPAZ11)KO1 transformed with plasmid pPAZ11This study
KO5M. tuberculosis H37Rv with inactivated Rv1218c6
KO5(pBAN192)KO5 transformed with plasmid pBAN1926
KO6M. tuberculosis H37Rv with inactivated Rv0849This study
KO6(pBAN193)KO6 transformed with plasmid pBAN193This study
KO7M. tuberculosis H37Rv with inactivated Rv3065This study
KO7(pMtb312)KO7 transformed with plasmid pMtb312This study