Table 2

Antimicrobial susceptibilities of M. tuberculosis WT, efflux pump KO mutants, complemented KO strains, and hyperexpression strains

CompoundMIC (μg/ml) for M. tuberculosis straina:
AZI-533 (pyrrole)0.030.016ND0.030.0080.030.030.0160.0160.020.0080.0160.03
AZI-219 (pyrazolone)>256256256>256128256256256256>256256256>256
Ethidium bromide122422212218>8
  • a MICs were assayed over a range of 2-fold dilutions of antibiotics as discussed in Materials and Methods. MICs were determined by the resazurin-based microplate assay. Each reported value is the average of at least 2 independent assays. MICs of the WT strain containing the vectors pMV261 and pMD31 were the same as those of the WT; hence, they are not shown in the table. All the plasmids have kanamycin as the selection marker. ND, not determined.

  • b KO1 is M. tuberculosis with the Rv1258c gene inactivated.

  • c KO1(pPAZ11) is KO1 complemented with plasmid pPAZ11.

  • d WT(pPAZ11) is M. tuberculosis containing plasmid pPAZ11.

  • e KO5 is M. tuberculosis with the Rv1218c gene inactivated.

  • f KO5(pBAN192) is KO5 complemented with plasmid pBAN192.

  • g WT(pBAN192) is M. tuberculosis containing plasmid pBAN192.

  • h KO6 is M. tuberculosis with the Rv0849 gene inactivated.

  • i KO6(pBAN193) is KO6 complemented with plasmid pBAN193.

  • j WT(pBAN193) is M. tuberculosis containing plasmid pBAN193.

  • k KO7 is M. tuberculosis with the Rv3065 gene inactivated.

  • l KO7(pMtb312) is KO7 complemented with plasmid pMtb312.

  • m WT(pMtb312) is M. tuberculosis containing the plasmid pMtb312.