Table 3

Susceptibilities of M. tuberculosis WT and Rv1258c, Rv1218c, Rv0849, and Rv3065 KO mutants to compounds in the presence and absence of efflux inhibitors

CompoundMIC (μg/ml) for M. tuberculosis strain:
    AZI-533 + verapamil0.0080.0080.0040.0040.004
    AZI-533 + PAβN0.0160.0040.0040.0040.002
    AZI-530 + verapamil0.
    AZI-530 + PAβN0.1250.
    AZI-219 + verapamil16–3216–328–168–1616–32
    AZI-219 + PAβN32323212816-32
    AZI-335 + verapamil0.
    AZI-335 + PAβN0.50.50.1250.25-0.50.5
Other drugs
    Clofazimine + verapamil0.030.030.0160.016–0.030.008–0.016
    Clofazimine + PAβN0.0160.030.0160.060.016
Efflux inhibitors
  • MICs were determined by the resazurin-based microplate assay. Each reported value is the average of at least 2 independent assays. The efflux inhibitors verapamil and PAβN were added at 50 μg/ml and 4–8 μg/ml (subinhibitory) concentrations where required.