Table 1

MIC, mean FIC, and interaction between FLC and AMB against 14 C. gattii strains

C. gattii strain or parameteraMIC (μg/ml)bMean FIC (μg/ml)Interaction
FLC (50%)FLC (80%)AMB
ATCC 240652.
ATCC 326088.
L135/03 (C)
L28/02 (C)
23/10993 (C)
196L/03 (C)
1913 ER (C)
547/OTTI/94-PI-10 (E)
L27/01 (C)
LMM 818 (C)
29/10893 (C)
L24/01 (C)
ICB 133 (E)
ICB 181 (E)
MIC range2.0–32.04.0–32.00.06–0.125
Geometric mean10.2518.220.0791.61Ind
  • a C, clinical strain; E, environmental strain.

  • b The MIC is given except as noted otherwise in column 1. MIC (50%), MIC endpoint considering 50% of growth inhibition (6); MIC (80%), MIC endpoint considering 80% of growth inhibition (19). FLC, fluconazole.

  • c Ind, indifferent.