Table 1

Sertraline, alone or with fluconazole, is potent against diverse Cryptococcus isolates

StrainSerotype (sourcea)Geographic originSRTFLCSRT–FLC MFCscFFCId
H99A (C)North America610182–20.45
C45A (C)North America26261–20.50
A7-35-23A (E)North America3104>644–40.43
C23A (C)North America588642–80.38
Bt31A (C)Africa4812324–80.63
Bt81A (C)Africa5812>642–160.38
92BC2-45A (C)Europe6104>646–320.85
92BC1-52A (C)Europe383642–40.31
98BC1-86A (C)Europe582322–160.75
A2-102-5A (E)North America5816324–80.75
123.96A (C)North America488>644–160.63
Bt50A (C)Africa61016>644–320.65
163.99A (C)North America466>642–320.58
UA 1993A (C)Europe58262–20.54
JEC21D (L)North America26141–20.83
3-10D (E)North America3104>642–80.26
3-17D (E)North America482642–40.31
93BC2-52D (C)Europe384321–80.38
99BC1-40D (C)Europe483322–40.38
UA 491D (C)Europe48282–20.50
XL1495AD hybrid (L)North America48382–40.75
UM4AD hybrid (N)Europe4106>644–160.53
92CAD hybrid (N)Europe4104>646–320.85
VPCI 87C. gattii (E)North America4106642–80.33
  • a (C), clinical strain; (E), environmental strain; (L), laboratory strain; (N), not available.

  • b MIC90 (shown in micrograms per milliliter), the lowest drug concentration that resulted in a 90% decrease in absorbance.

  • c MFC (minimal fungicidal concentration) (shown in micrograms per milliliter), the lowest concentration at which at least 99% of cells were killed compared to the original inoculums. When fluconazole was used alone, the MFC was sometimes not achieved in the dose range tested, as indicated by “>.”

  • d FFCI, fractional fungicidal concentration index. FFCIs < 0.5, drug effects were synergistic; FFCIs between 0.5 and 1.0, drug effects were additive; FFCIs between 1.0 and 2.0, drug effects were indifferent; FFCIs > 2.0, drug effects were antagonistic (4).