Table 4

Susceptibility profiles of K. pneumoniae strains transformed with pACrarA and vector-only controla

StrainMIC (μg/ml)
Ecl8 ΔramA0.58110.2500.016
Ecl8 ΔramA/pACrarA-1432240.5000.062
Ecl8 ΔramA/pACYC1770.58110.2500.016
Ecl8 ΔrarA*8*0.5000.0310.016
Ecl8 ΔrarA/pACrarA-2*64*40.2500.062
Ecl8 ΔrarA/pACYC184*8*0.5000.0310.016
Ecl8 ΔacrAB*2*0.250.0310.016
Ecl8 ΔacrAB/pACrarA-2*64*0.250.0310.016
Ecl8 ΔacrAB/pACYC184*2*0.250.0310.016
  • a A pACYC177 or pACYC184 backbone was used to clone the rarA open reading frame. Depending on the resistance cassettes already in situ, the appropriate recombinant constructs would be used. Asterisks denote that MIC testing for that particular antibiotic was not done due to presence of a conflicting antibiotic resistance cassette on the plasmid and/or construct. Entries in bold denote increased MICs over those seen with wild-type/parental strains. CHL, chloramphenicol; OQX, olaquindox; TET, tetracycline; TIG, tigecycline; NOR, norfloxacin; CIP, ciprofloxacin.