Table 5

Sequence analysis of OqxR and rarA/oqxA expression levels of clinical K. pneumoniae isolatesa

StrainOqxR change(s)Expression level of rarA calibrated against Ecl8Con/Comp log2 expression level(s)b
165Arg25→His, Val130Ala3.774.76/—
GC12Gln11Leu, Asp95Glu, V113Ile7.9121.77/23.62.89/0.64
GC19Frameshift Δ, aa 73-778.2421.06/20.847.6/0.74
GC21Gln11Leu, Asp95Glu, Val 113Ile8.0923.34/21.753.72/0.01
Kp342Asn38→Thr, Asp95Glu, Val113Ile, His159→Leu6.2121.76/22.031.77/−0.735
Ecl8Mdr1Frameshift Δ, aa 88-9410.4617.88/17.449.06/0.28
  • a Strains whose names are underlined were complemented with pACoqxR. Boldface font denotes amino acid changes present in several strains. Expression levels of rarA calibrated against sensitive K. pneumoniae strain Ecl8 are shown.

  • b Con, control data representing either the wild-type or vector-only strains (pACYC177); Comp, complementation data representing increases or decreases of rarA or oqxA expression levels in the different strains after complementation with pACOqxR. Negative values indicate reduction of oqxA levels below the levels noted in the vector-only calibrators. —, strains not complemented due to high levels of innate kanamycin resistance. aa, amino acids.