Table 2

Incidence of treatment failure and visual or auditory hallucinations below and above voriconazole concentration limits identified from ROC analysis

IncidentNo. of patients with incident/total no. with indicated concn (%)P valuea
Treatment failure<1.7 mg/liter≥1.7 mg/liter
    All treatment patients (n = 163)b19/74 (26)6/89 (7)<0.01
    Proven or probable IFI (n = 67)12/34 (35)2/33 (6)<0.01
Visual/auditory hallucinations≤5 mg/liter>5 mg/liter
    All patients (n = 201)2/170 (1.2)10/31 (32)<0.01
  • a Fisher's exact or chi-squared test as appropriate.

  • b All patients receiving voriconazole for treatment of a known or suspected fungal infection (n = 170); treatment outcome was evaluable in 163/170 patients.