Table 5

Comparison of recommended lower and upper target voriconazole concentration limits from voriconazole TDM studies

StudySample sizea,bIndication for voriconazoleConcn (mg/liter)a
Lower limitUpper limit
Troke et al. (31)401 (NR)Treatment≥2 (trough/MIC)≤5 (trough/MIC)c
Present study201d (7)Treatment≥1.7≤5
Pascual et al. (22)52 (1)Treatment>1≤5.5
Neely et al. (21)46 (1)Treatment>1NR
Ueda et al. (32)34 (1)Treatment>2<6
Smith et al. (25)28 (1)Treatment>2.05eNR
Imhof et al. (14)26 (1)TreatmentNR<4
Miyakis et al. (19)25 (1)Treatment>2.2NR
Mitsani et al. (18)93 (1)Prophylaxis>1.5NR
Trifilio et al. (30)71 (1)Prophylaxis>2NR
  • a NR, not reported.

  • b Number of patients (number of hospitals).

  • c This limit was based on an association with reduced treatment response rates above 5 mg/liter; no association with toxicity was observed.

  • d n = 201 for upper concentration limit (toxicity); patients receiving voriconazole for prophylaxis were not included in assessment of the lower concentration limit (n = 170).

  • e This recommendation was based on randomly timed voriconazole samples rather than trough sampling.