Table 2

Combination of digoxin or ouabain and GCVa

Drug 1Drug 2Combination
Drug (concn [μM])Fold inhibitionDrug (concn [μM])Fold inhibitionTheoretical fold inhibitionActual fold inhibition
GCV (2.5)3.41 ± 0.02Digoxin (0.025)1.14 ± 0.043.89 ± 0.064.05 ± 0.01
GCV (2.5)3.08 ± 0.03Ouabain (0.015)1.83 ± 0.015.64 ± 0.046.33 ± 0.01
  • a Combinations of digoxin or ouabain and GCV were tested for their effect on HCMV inhibition. The expected combined effect of two drugs was calculated using the Bliss equation. Fold inhibition means ± the standard deviations were calculated as the reciprocal of the fraction unaffected at a particular drug concentration. The ratio of the actual to the theoretical fold inhibition is close to 1, suggesting that these combinations are additive. Mean values of triplicate determinations from three independent experiments are shown.