Table 1

Characteristics of 26 nursing homes in Orange County, 2009

CharacteristicMedian value (range)
Nursing home characteristics
    No. of beds99 (24–255)
    Annual no. of admissionsa262 (18–1,526)
    Median length of stay (days)101 (17–753)
    MRSA point prevalence (% MRSA+ residents)26 (0–52)
Demographics (as % of all facility residents)
    Age over 85 yrsa25 (2–72)
    Male42 (21–67)
    Non-Caucasian race16 (1–88)
    Less than high school education24 (0–64)
    Admitted from acute hospital82 (15–98)
Comorbidities (as % of all facility residents)
    Diabetes27 (11–59)
    Skin lesions72 (4–100)
    Indwelling devices2 (0–46)
    History of MRSA11 (0–69)
    Multidrug-resistant MRSA isolate68 (0–100)
Functional status (avg score among all facility residents)
    RUG scoreb0.92 (0.81–1.43)
    ADL score19.82 (10.77–26.90)
  • a After excluding the 4 psychiatric facilities, the median annual admissions was 300 and the percentage of facility residents over 85 years old was 39%. The medians for the other variables did not differ substantially after excluding the 4 psychiatric nursing homes.

  • b The RUG score is a facility-level score that reflects the average level of care required by residents, based upon residents' comorbidities, ability to perform activities of daily living, and the required amount of physical and occupational therapy.