Table 5

Multivariate analysisa of factors associated with high-level mupirocin-resistant MRSA

VariableOdds ratio (95% CI)P value
Multidrug-resistant MRSA isolateb2.69 (1.37, 5.28)0.004
History of MRSAb2.34 (1.75, 3.12)<0.001
Avg ADL scorec1.25 (1.07, 1.45)0.004
  • a Note that four psychiatric facilities were removed from the multivariate analysis.

  • b Analyzed as a resident-level or isolate-level variable, not as a facility-level variable.

  • c The ADL score ranges from 0 (completely independent) to 28 (completely dependent) and is expressed per 1 point increase. The reported average ADL score is the average score among all residents of one facility. The ADL score was colinear with the presence of indwelling devices.