Table 5

Estimated steady-state PK parameters of anidulafungin in patients with fungal infections receiving recommended regimensa

PK parametercMean value (% CV) for anidulafungin given i.v.
Dosing regimen (LD/MD, mg)bAll
Cmax, ss (mg/liter)4.2 (22.4)7.2 (23.3)
Cmin, ss (mg/liter)1.6 (42.1)3.3 (41.8)
AUCss (mg · h/liter)55.2 (32.5)110.3 (32.5)
CL (liters/h)1.0 (33.5)
t1/2β (h)d26.5 (28.5)
  • a n = 262.

  • b % CV, percent coefficient of variation; LD/MD, loading dose/maintenance dose.

  • c Based on estimated individual PK parameters from the final PK model with an infusion rate of 1 mg/min.

  • d t1/2β is the predominant elimination half-life that characterizes the majority of the concentration-time profile.