Table 1

Genome features of A. baumannii ABIsac_ColiS and ABIsac_ColiR strains compared to other A. baumannii strains

A. baumannii strainBacterial chromosome or plasmidEMBL or GenBank accession no.Size (bp)% GC contentNo. of CDSaNo. of tRNAs5S-23S-16S operonsFull alignment length (bp) with cutoff E value of 1.00e−5 (% Cov)b
Our strains
    ABIsac_ColiSChromosomeCAKA01000001 to CAKA010002753,771,87338.773,5816343,785,394 (99.99)
    ABIsac_ColiRChromosomeCAKB01000001 to CAKB010001083,785,45338.843,624654
Other strains
    TCDC-AB0715ChromosomeCP0025224,138,388393,8514243,710,086 (98.01)
    AYEChromosomeCU4591413,936,29139.43,6077263,470,222 (91.67)
    ATCC 17978ChromosomeCP0005213,976,74738.93,3516953,429,245 (90.59)
    SDFChromosomeCU4682303,421,95439.22,9137252,665,462 (70.41)
  • a CDS, coding sequences.

  • b In silico DNA-DNA hybridization of A. baumannii ABIsac_ColiR genome with respect to other A. baumannii genomes. % Cov, percent coverage.