Table 2

Resistance studies from TCF and CV at the end of therapy (day 11)a

Treatment groupbTCF (%)CV (%)MIC (μg/ml)
DAP 45942
FOS+IMI50 (FOS), 67 (IMI)10 (FOS), 15 (IMI)≥16 (FOS), ≥32 (IMI)
  • a The screening of resistant strains was performed using methodology previously described (1) with agar plates containing 4 μg/ml for FOS and 1 μg/ml for DAP, IMI, and RIF. The plates for experiments with FOS and DAP were supplemented with 25 mg/liter of glucose-6-phosphate and 50 mg/liter of calcium, respectively. Results were interpreted as positive (some macroscopic growth) or negative (no growth) and presented as percentages of positive samples versus total samples. Only therapeutic groups with appearance of resistant strains are presented in this table.

  • b Abbreviations for therapeutic groups are defined in the Fig. 2 legend.