Table 1

Mutational differences between DAP-susceptible and DNS isogenic strain pairs identified by whole-genome sequencing

Isolate pair and positionMutationaGeneFunctionReference
    1440962T to CmprFPhosphatidylglycerol lysyltransferase4
    1608916A to GsrrBRespiratory response protein
    1960627G to ANA,d noncoding
    2448257C to ATranscriptional regulator
    2592882G to AEndo-1,4-beta-glucanase
    42283C to TMobile element proteinThis study
    530079T deletionNA, indel, noncoding
    605255T to CrpoBDNA-directed RNA polymerase beta subunit
    832922T to CsecAProtein export cytoplasm protein SecA ATPase RNA helicase
    1440974C to TmprFPhosphatidylglycerol lysyltransferase
    27242196-bp deletionNA, indel in frame, hypothetical protein
    20183A to GPhosphoesterase, DHH family proteinThis study
    901046A to GNA, noncoding
    946004G to APhage tail length tape measure protein
    1442416T to CmprFPhosphatidylglycerol lysyltransferase
    2219610T to CclsCardiolipin synthetase
    24673G to AwalRResponse regulator10
    1217720G to ANA, noncoding
    2006385T to APutative phage protein
    2142758G to AdUTPase
    2142774T to GdUTPase
    2150689T to CAcetyltransferase
    2151557C to TNA, noncoding
JKD6004/JKD6005,c 25010A to GwalRResponse regulator10
  • a Parent-to-child strain.

  • b Reference genome S. aureus Mu50.

  • c Reference genome S. aureus JKD6008.

  • d NA, not applicable.