Table 4

Phenotypic analysis and β-lactamase molecular identification of the E. coli strains and their transformants

Year of samplingStrain (no. of isolates)aIsolate no.ESBLPhylogenetic group/subgroupbVirulence gene(s)cPresence of TEM-1Coresistance to antibiotics other than β-lactamsdTransfer in E. coli recipientseResistance trait(s) cotransfered with ESBL genedPlasmid replicon type(s) in recipientsPlasmid restriction profile
2006A (1)S028HaCTX-M-8A0aer, iroN, traT, hra, kpsESSS, TMPTNoneNTfζ
B (2)S041HaCTX-M-2B1iroN, papC, traT, hra+K, NA, CIP, TE, SSS, TMPNoNPgNTNP
C (7)S055HaCTX-M-2A1iroN, traTSSS, TMP, TECTEFIB, I1/Iγα
D (1)S058HaSHV-2A0aer, iroN, traTNoneCNoneI1/IγNP
E (1#)S122HaCTX-M-2B1ompT, traT+K, SSS, TMP, TECK, SSS, TEHI1NP
F (1#)S122HbCTX-M-2D2aer, iroN, traT+NA, SSS, TMPTNoneNTNP
G (1)S141HaSHV-2D2ompT, hraG, K, T, Net, TE, SSSCG, K, T, NetI1/IγNP
2010K (1*)HE001.1CTX-M-8A0ompT, traTK, TE, SSSTSSSI1/Iγβ
L (1*)HE001.2CTX-M-2A1aer, kpsE, traT, fyuA, afaDTE, SSS, TMPCTE, SSS, TMPFIB, HI2NP
M (3†)HE054CTX-M-1B1traT, hraNA, TE, SSS, TMPCSSS, TMPI1/Iγγ
N (3†)HE055CTX-M-1B1aer, iroN, ompT, traTTE, SSSCTE, SSSI1/Iγγ
O (1)HE071CTX-M-2B1aer, iroN, traT+SSS, TMPTNoneI1/Iγδ
P (1)HE090CTX-M-8D2aer, fyuA, aatA, aaiCTE, SSS, TMPTNoneNTε
Q (1¶)HE113.1CTX-M-8A0NoneNoneCNoneI1/Iγβ
R (1¶)HE113.2CTX-M-8B1traT, fyuANoneTNoneI1/Iγβ
S (1¶)HE113.3CTX-M-8A1NoneNoneCNoneI1/Iγβ
  • a #, *, and ¶, the same volunteer was carrying two different strains; †, the strains were isolated from the same four volunteers.

  • b Determined as in Escobar-Paramo et al. (28).

  • c Intraintestinal virulence genes are indicated in bold. Genes underlined are plasmid borne.

  • d SSS, sulfamethoxazole; TMP, trimethoprim; NA, nalidixic acid; TE, tetracycline; K, kanamycin; CIP, ciprofloxacin; G, gentamicin; T, tobramycin; Net, netilmicin.

  • e T, transfer by electroporation; C, transfer by mating.

  • f NT, not typed.

  • g NP, not performed.