Table 3

Antidrug antibodies and pharmacokinetics after mota-YTE and motavizumab treatment

Treatment group (drug and dose)TiteraPositive titer [study day(s)]CL (liters/day)bt1/2 (days)b
    0.3 mg/kgc1:12014NCNC
    3 mg/kg1:60150, 210, 2400.0512106
    15 mg/kg1:120–1:240150, 210, 2400.077485.2
    3 mg/kg1:30150, 2100.52218.9
1:120150, 210, 2400.33615.7
    15 mg/kg1:60–1:120150, 210, 2400.45313.2
  • a Each titer represents one subject.

  • b Data correspond to the study day with the first positive result. CL, serum clearance; NC, not calculated; t1/2, terminal phase half-life.

  • c One subject in the 0.3 mg/kg mota-YTE group and one in the 30 mg/kg mota-YTE group with anti-mota-YTE ADA had detectible titers predose (suggesting that these are false positives), and they are not included in table.

  • d Borderline positive.