Table 2

Characteristics of C. jejuni mutants selected by Ery

Lineagea and strainbMIC (μg/ml)Mutation in 23S rRNA genecChange in protein L4Change(s) in protein L22Mutation in cmeR
Parent, NCTC 1116814d
    68E64-1>512256C2627A (3)G67VA88EDel490A
    68E8-26412859-G-60A84D, G86E
    68E32-212812859-G-60A84D, G86V
    68E64-251225659-G-60A84D, G86V
    68E64-3>512>512A2074C (3)R72IH174N
Parent, 8117614
    76E8-6256>512A2074C (2)
    76E64-6>512>512A2074C (3)
  • a The lineages are named according to the parent strain and the antibiotic used for selection. 68 and 76 indicate that the parent strains are 11168 and 81-176, respectively, E represents selection by Ery, x depicts the various concentrations used for selection, and the last number indicates the lineage number.

  • b The strains in the lineages are named similarly to the lineages, except that x is replaced by the actual antibiotic concentration from which the mutant was selected.

  • c Each number in parentheses is the number of mutated copies of the 23S rRNA gene.

  • d —, no mutations detected.