Table 2

Proportions of S. flexneri isolates with resistance to antimicrobials among various S. flexneri serotypes

S. flexneri serotype% isolates with resistance to:na (%b)
AmpicillinCo-amoxiclavCephalothinCefotaximeGentamicinNalidixic acidNorfloxacinTetracyclineSMZ-TMPd
1a88.041.028.928.931.389.251.885.579.583 (17.4)
1b0. (1.0)
2a69.935.525.820.417.775.345.771.063.4186 (39.0)
2b64.131.929.321.768.568.520.758.752.292 (19.3)
3b100.0100.00.00.0100.0100.00.0100.0100.01 (0.2)
3c0. (0.2)
4a100.085.757.142.985.785.742.9100.071.47 (1.5)
4b100. (0.6)
4c81.731.735.023.383.383.313.385.076.760 (12.6) (1.0)
X89.317.957.146.492.992.921.492.982.128 (5.9)
Y83.30.516.716.783.383.333.383.383.36 (1.3)
Totalc73.834.229.623.745.778.234.875.167.7477 (100)
  • a n, numbers of various serotype S. flexneri isolates.

  • b Percentages were calculated as the number of various serotype S. flexneri isolates/total number of S. flexneri isolates × 100.

  • c The total percentage and number of S. flexneri isolates which were detected with the indicated susceptibility to antibiotics.

  • d SMZ-TMP is co-trimoxazole.