Table 2

COG analyses of differentially expressed genesa

COG classificationGenesb
Energy production and conversionyfaE, nuoA, nuoB, fdoI, narJ
Translation, ribosomal structure, and biogenesiscca, rsmC
TranscriptionasnC, malT, ytfH
DNA replication, recombination, and repairnth, recG
Inorganic ion transport and metabolismbtuC, nirD
Coenzyme metabolismpdxY, ilvG
Cell wall/membrane biogenesisyjeP, wecG, mltC, ompF
Cell division and chromosome partitioningmrdB
Carbohydrate transport and metabolismrfaD
Nucleotide transport and metabolismnrdB
Amino acid transport and metabolismsdaB, sdaC, proW, proX
Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, and chaperonesdnaJ, dnaK, htpG, hslJ, hslV, fklB, ppiA
General function prediction onlyyjgB, yraL, yaaH, lolC, KPK_1850
  • a Genes shown to be affected by rarA overexpression after pairwise comparisons between Ecl8ΔrarA/pACrarA-2 and Ecl8ΔrarA/pACYC184.

  • b Genes that are underlined are downregulated.