Microbiological characteristics of MRSA isolates

ParameterValue for the groupaP valueb
Combo (n = 50)VAN alone (n = 30)
Median VAN MIC (mg/liter [IQR])c2.0 (1.5–2.0)1.5 (1.5–2.0)0.066d
MRSA straind0.213
    USA10017 (35.4)14 (50.0)
    USA30031 (64.6)14 (50.0)
agr functionalitye0.764
    Functional31 (75.6)21 (72.4)
    Loss of function10 (24.4)8 (27.6)
agr groupf0.943
    Group I29 (59.2)18 (60.0)
    Group II20 (40.8)12 (40.0)
  • a Except where otherwise noted, data are expressed as number (percentage) of patients.

  • b P values were calculated by the likelihood ratio χ2 test, except where otherwise noted.

  • c Vancomycin Etest MIC. IQR, interquartile range.

  • d Wilcoxon rank sum test.

  • e MRSA strain type and agr were not available for all isolates.

  • f One patient in the Combo group had an isolate from agr group III and was not included in this analysis.