Summary of published findings on food effects of piperaquine dosing

ReferenceNo. of subjectsSubjectPiperaquine doseMean Cmaxa (ng/ml)Fasted or meal
Karunajeewa et al. (17)62P. falciparum- or P. vivax-infected Cambodian adults and children320 mg95–124Fasted 4 to 6 h
Sim et al. (30)8Healthy Caucasians500 mg21 for subjects who fastedFasted 6 to 8 h
65 for fed subjectsFed high-fat (37-g) meal
Mytton et al. (16)56P. falciparum-infected Karen or Burmese adults55 mg/kgNot reported∼8 hc
Liu et al. (36)16Healthy Chinese640 mg578–586Fed meal 2 h after dosing
Nguyen et al. (31)12Healthy Vietnamese500 mg69.6No food for >10 h
1,000 mg195.5No food for >10 h
500 mg for 3 days119.0/198.1dFed 16.7 g fat 10 min after breakfast
Hai et al. (28)32Healthy Vietnamese640 mg130b for subjects who fastedFasted overnight plus 4 h postdose
212 for fed subjectsFed meal with 17-g fat
Annerberg et al. (29)30Healthy Thai58 mg/kg236b for subjects who fastedFasted overnight plus 2 h postdose
256b for fed subjectsFed 200 ml milk and 6.4 g fat
This study47Healthy Cambodians2,880 mg over 2 days1,183 at 4 hWithin 3 h of fatty meal
1,750 at 28 h
  • a Cmax 2 h after the first dose.

  • b Median Cmax.

  • c Peak concentration reported to be 8 h by population pharmacokinetic (PK) model. No other data provided; unclear if subjects were fed or fasted.

  • d The first value refers to the mean Cmax for the fasting group, and the second value refers to the mean Cmax for the fed group.