Population parameter values after a single dose of 1.2 million units of benzathine penicillin G in adultsa

ParameterUnit of measureValue
Mean (SD)Median
Ke01/(day · 70 kg0.25)4.11 (2.22)3.96
Ka1/day0.40 (0.25)0.32
KCP01/(day · 70 kg0.25)6.91 (6.30)4.71
KPC01/(day · 70 kg0.25)0.27 (0.34)0.12
V0Liters/70 kg260.96 (96.45)239.43
Calculated from full-fitted concn profiles
    AUC0–∞mg · h/liter19.33 (6.09)18.68
    ClearanceLiters/h/kg0.68 (0.24)0.65
    Half-life of absorptionh72.55 (202.21)50.79
    Half-life of eliminationh6.03 (4.29)4.19
    Cmaxmg/liter0.14 (0.09)0.13
    Tmaxh22.90 (32.10)9.60
  • a AUC0–∞, area under the concentration-time curve from 0 h to infinity; Ka, absorption from dosing to the central compartment; Ke, elimination from the central compartment; KCP, transfer from the central to the peripheral compartment; KPC, transfer from the peripheral to the central compartment; V, volume of the central compartment; Cmax, maximum concentration; Tmax, time to maximum concentration.