Carbapenemases detected among 411 doripenem-resistant A. baumannii complex isolates

Country (no. of isolates tested)No. of isolates with gene(s) encoding indicated carbapenemase in study yeara
GES-11 (4)GES-11 + OXA-23 (4)GES-22 + OXA-23 (2)OXA-23 (277)OXA-24 (29)OXA-58 (77)OXA-23 + OXA-58 (2)
France (17)318
Germany (1)
Greece (24)b158
Israel (27)6657
Italy (31)98922
Poland (17)6316
Portugal (85)c272525213
Spain (19)
Sweden (1)1
Switzerland (1)1
Turkey (188)44237426320410
Total (411)4428976112142133320242
  • a The total number of positive isolates for all countries is shown in parentheses for each of the carbapenemase/carbapenemase combinations. blaOXA-51 is intrinsically found in A. baumannii and was detected in all but one isolate from Portugal (2009); that isolate was identified as Acinetobacter pittii (formerly Acinetobacter genospecies 3) based on rpoB sequencing.

  • b —, no strains from that site were processed in that year.