Clonal ACB complex isolates observed in European and Mediterranean countries during 2009 to 2011

Country (no. of ACB isolates tested/no. of PFGE patterns observed) and clonal patternMLST findingNo. of isolates by yrCarbapenemase foundSimilar hospital-specific clone (country of isolation)
France (17/11)
    ACB300AST2 (clone II)44None
Greece (24/7)
    ACB62B (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)14122OXA-58ACB85B (1 isolate from Italy, not listed)
    ACB62G (1 subtype)ST184 (single-locus variant of ST2, clone II)55OXA-58
Israel (27/15)
    ACB63A (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)33OXA-24
    ACB63B (2 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)44OXA-23
    ACB63F (2 subtypes)ST3 (clone III)321None or OXA-23
    ACB63IST2 (clone II)33OXA-23
    ACB63O (3 subtypes)ST3 (clone III)412OXA-24
Italy (31/8)
    ACB75BST2 (clone II)33OXA-23
    ACB75C (6 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)1248OXA-23ACB138A (Portugal)
    ACB86B (5 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)88OXA-23
Poland (17/10)
    ACB81AST2 (clone II)33OXA-58
    ACB81EST2 (clone II)33OXA-24
Portugal (85/11)
    ACB138A (19 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)66251427OXA-23ACB75C (Italy)
    ACB138B (4 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)55OXA-23
    ACB138E (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)44OXA-23
Spain (19/7)
    ACB64A (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)651OXA-58
    ACB64DST2 (clone II)55OXA-58
    ACB65A (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)431OXA-24
Turkey (188/58)
    ACB68A (3 subtypes)ST157 (single-locus variant of ST10)7232OXA-23 or OXA-58ACB69F (Istanbul)
    ACB68CST15 (clone Leiden 2000)44OXA-23, OXA-23+ OXA-58 or none
    ACB68D (2 subtypes)ST15 (clone Leiden 2000)3111OXA-58
    ACB68E (3 subtypes)ST84 (single-locus variant of ST15, clone Leiden 2000)1192OXA-58ACB69D (Istanbul)
    ACB68G (7 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)15133OXA-23
    ACB68IST97 (single-locus variant of ST2, clone II)431OXA-23
    ACB68KST2 (clone II)44OXA-23
    ACB68LST2 (clone II)55OXA-23
    ACB68N (2 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)44OXA-23
    ACB68AFST2 (clone II)33OXA-23
    ACB68AN (4 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)77OXA-58
    ACB69DST15 (clone Leiden 2000)66OXA-58ACB68E (Ankara, Turkey)
    ACB69F (2 subtypes)ST157 (single-locus variant of ST10)201091OXA-23ACB68A (Ankara, Turkey)
    ACB69GST2 (clone II)261475OXA-23
    ACB69I (3 subtypes)ST2 (clone II)77OXA-23