Proteins related to antibiotic resistance and virulence differentially expressed in Colr strain Ab347

Accession no.No. of peptidesaScorebANOVAc (P)Fold changedDescription
ABYAL1639|katE392,9191.78 × 10−13−35.39Catalase hydroperoxidase II
ABYAL302642075.00 × 10−15−28.34Putative porin protein associated with imipenem resistance, CarO
ABYAL267065493.27 × 10−13−27.38Putative protein CsuA/B
ABYAL266731301.24 × 10−6−14.64Putative protein CsuC
ABYAL2566|acnB94101.64 × 10−9−3.13Fragment of aconitate hydratase 2 (part 3)
ABYAL2567|acnB73321.43 × 10−7−2.46Fragment of aconitate hydratase 2 (part 2)
ABYAL3715|sodC73761.41 × 10−4−2.15Superoxide dismutase precursor (Cu-Zn)
ABYAL1416|ahpC148811.81 × 10−8−2.13Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase (detoxification of hydroperoxides)
ABYAL2568|acnB72913.17 × 10−6−2.12Fragment of aconitate hydratase 2 (part 1)
ABYAL1790|blaOXA-6631042.17 × 10−7−2.03Carbapenem-hydrolyzing oxacillinase OXA-66
ABYAL000995781.08 × 10−9+3.15Putative RND-type efflux pump involved in aminoglycoside resistance (AdeT)
  • a Number of peptides for identification and quantification.

  • b Confidence score for identification by Mascot software.

  • c ANOVA, analysis of variance.

  • d Negative values indicate underexpression in Colr strain Ab347.