Bacitracin sensitivity of E. faecalis strains

Strain or genotypeMIC (μg ml−1)Growth rate (h−1)b
Broth dilutionaEtest
JH2-232321.06 ± 0.067
ΔEF092716–32241.2 ± 0.377
ΔEF2050-20498–1681.11 ± 0.135
ΔEF2752-275116161.14 ± 0.146
ΔEF2050-2049 ΔEF2752-2751881.08 ± 0.033
  • a Results are from three independent broth dilution experiments; where a range of concentrations is given, results varied between replicates.

  • b Results are means ± standard errors from three to six independent experiments. ND, not determined.