Mutations in efflux, regulatory systems, and the S10 ribosomal 30S protein possibly involved in tigecycline-intermediate and -resistant phenotypes identified by full-genome sequencing

Protein productFunctionMutation in strainReference(s)
KP3-S (accession no.)KP1-I (accession no.)KP2-R (accession no.)KP4-R (accession no.)KP5-R (accession no.)
RamRRegulator of RamA, positive regulator of the AcrAB efflux systemFunctional (KC843634)FunctionalRamR mutation by ISKpn18 insertion (KC686846)FunctionalPremature termination of translation (KC686847)26
RcsCHybrid sensory kinase in two-component regulatory system with RcsB and YojN, regulates capsule biosynthesis, cell division genesThr474 (KC843635)Thr474Thr474→Ser474 (KC686845)Thr474Thr47435
HTH-AraCBacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix protein, arabinose operon control proteinConserved (KC843631)Conserved−33 promoter mutation (KC843630)ConservedConserved36, 37
BarAHybrid sensory histidine kinase, regulation of carbon metabolismVal311 (KC843628)Val311Val311Val311Val311→Gly311 (KC843629)38, 39
YeaMPutative AraC-type regulatory proteinConserved (KC843632)ConservedConservedConservedPremature termination of translation (KC843633)40
S10Architectural element in the 30S ribosomal subunitVal57 (KC843636)Val57Val57Val57→Leu57 (KC686844)Val5741